Living the Dream

I now remember exactly why I decided to come back to Sitka this summer. This place is unbeatable. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity again. What we do along with the amazing scenery makes 90 hour weeks fun. Derek has had a rough few weeks between getting over sea sickness, and more recently salmon poisoning and infection putting him off the water for a few days. However, he is pushing through just fine and will turn out to be a great deckhand. The first month is always tough as there is a lot of pressure on you. There are so many situations that you are required to know exactly what to do and there is so much information to pick up on. We have been blessed with phenomenal weather and I have already seen the sun more this year than last. A group cancelled on my boat and my schedule opened up for 3 days. The last few days have been INCREDIBLE. Some of the best days of my life. They wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as they were if they weren’t spent with some of the greatest people. On Sunday I went fun fishing with a boat of Angling Unlimited crew members and we limited on kings and halibut on a beautiful day. The following day we decided to take a day hike up to the summit of Mt Edgecumbe. So we grabbed our bear protection (.460 mag and a 12 gauge), left the docks at 4:30 am and boated out to Kruzof island. From there we took a skiff to land on the volcanic black sandy beach and began our 14 mile hike up and down the dormant volcano. The view was amazing until we got into the clouds and crazy wind at the peak. It’s pretty awesome to now look at the 3,202 foot monument of Sitka and know that you have taken it on and climbed to the summit. Loving life up here











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