Cloud Nine

The fishing up here in Sitka has been donkey kong. The best salmon run they have seen in 20 years. We have had many days where we get our limit in just over an hour. From there, we usually chase halibut. When halibut fishing we have had trouble getting our baits down to the bottom (where halibut generally live) as silvers and king salmon have been taking them mid-water. The weather has been absolutely wonderful also. Considering Sitka is a “temperate rainforest” I haven’t even seen rain in weeks. I have made some amazing memories that I will never forget.

Although I haven’t had a day off since mid-July I have been finding a good amount of free time to have a lot of fun, much of that being fly fishing. There are 5 species of salmon in the north pacific: Chum (dog) salmon, pink salmon, silver (coho) salmon, sockeye (reds) salmon, and king (chinook) salmon, So far I have landed 3 of the 5 species on my light 6-weight fly rod: King, pink, and chum. I won’t have a chance at sockeye but I hope to get a silver in the next week before I leave. It’s crazy how fast this whole summer has flown by. Although I look forward to getting back to Minnesota to see family/friends and relax on the pontoon with an ice cold beverage of choice, I will miss this place. Sitka truly grows on you and with every day I spend up here my passion for fishing grows. I can’t speak highly enough about the crew I work with. It makes all the world of difference living with great people and working with a great captain/crew. This summer is one for the books.